Justin Martin releases new track ‘Eye of The Storm’ on his label What To Do

Justin Martin heads into late-summer with a bolt of dancefloor lightning. His latest single, the sixth release on his burgeoning What To Do label, is a slice of sonic versatility that makes him one of America’s most beloved producers.


Blurring the lines between the many sub genres of electronic dance music, ‘Eye of the Storm’ is a rollercoaster of emotion which pairs gritty reese basslines with gorgeous plucked melodies.  First debuted at one of SF’s notorious beach renegades, ‘Eye Of The Storm’ is quickly becoming a post-lockdown underground anthem.

“There is a serene beauty that always takes place in the eye of a storm, amidst all the violent chaos that surrounds it. Capturing that extreme juxtaposition was my goal.” -Justin Martin

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