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Kendoll “Rabbit Hole” EP | Psycho Disco!

For the next release coming from Atlanta-based imprint Psycho Disco! the underground house music aficionados are throwing it to Seattle born, LA residing producer / DJ Kendoll.

Renowned for a sound that pulls from a conglomerate of bassline and UK groove, Kendoll is now returning with a brand new EP titled “Rabbit Hole,” out now via Psycho Disco!

Download “Rabbit Hole” EP

Compiled of three-brand new singles, “Rabbit Hole” plays into its trippy title with heavy emphasis on wobbly bass lines and chugging four-on-the-floor rhythms.

The EP title track features collaborator TCHILT for an in your face introduction to the release with a nearly five-minute single packed with distorted vocals, layered synths, and frenzy inducing percussion.

Next up, Kendoll dives deep for late-night instrumental stunner “Cheeky,” and finally, she closes out the project with “What To Say-“ a massive single that fully showcases Kendoll’s growing versatility as a producer:

“This EP was generated through a different type of inspiration I typically experience, I was struggling to make a certain type of track and I completely released myself of any attachment I had to “following a certain type of sound.” These tracks are 100% straight from my weird musical brain and I hope to continue to innovate a left-field sort of house music throughout my career. I’m incredibly excited to share this EP with the world and see how my listeners react to this new wave of house music I have been making!

The ‘Rabbit Hole‘ EP joins Kendoll’s fellow releases on Audiophile XXL, OKNG, and Tons & Tons, and marks her debut with Psycho Disco!

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