KETA CAVIAR’s fka Knigi debut EP is meant for dancing and crying

Animal magnetism of KETA CAVIAR’s fka Knigi live performances has put him on a watchlist for a debut EP. High energy, emotion and rough sound are the essential components of Timeless Class-X Vol.1.

Opposing style to fashion it lays focus on eternal values over trends. Minimalistic approach to music, consisting of only a few elements, recorded straight out of KETA CAVIAR’s modular synthesizer captures depth of the momentum, reaching brevity through simplicity.

50% joke and 100% true, Timeless Class-X Vol.1 is meant for dancing and crying.

title Timeless Class-X Vol.1
label Resonance Moscow
date 23rd September 
format Vinyl | Digital


1. try to save the world like bono
2. unhealthy boundaries
3. 4am dog fight
4. township youth