Vibing high off her recent performance at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Los Angeles based producer, vocalist, and DJ Kittrix is proud to announce the release of her new single “All Famous,” out now on Insomniac Records’ Discovery Project. Supporting major electronic talent such as Oliver Heldens, Mat Zo, Adventure Club, BlackGummy and Ardalan, in recent years Kittrix has rode a wave of tremendous success in Southern California’s vibrant dance music scene. The groovy yet moody deep house leaning track shows her evolution as a multi-dimensional artist. While she and her peers faced a challenging time, Kittric drew inspiration for “All Famous” from the moments where she felt the most positive and free. The buoyant synth chords, emotive string pads, pitch bending vocals, and hypnotic rhythms, provide “All Famous” with a flavor in a similar lane to Zhu yet one that is uniquely her own. 

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When producing “All Famous,” Kittrix yearned to create a simplicity she had been unable to previously attain. Aiming to produce a more upbeat melody, Kittrix started with a simple chord progression. A major goal was to make “All Famous” into a track anyone anywhere could relate to. To attain this goal, she aimed to make the vocals not sound like her, so she pitched her voice up and down to achieve this effect. 

When asked about the production of “All Famous” Kittrix said, “I wanted it to be able to represent anyone, anywhere, and that any person could cry-sing it to the people next to them and feel like the words are coming from within themselves. All Famous means a lot to me, it came from a special place, and I hope it can bring a little happiness to the world.”

The final result of  Kittrix’s efforts is a highly addictive and universally appealing dance tune that is a true testament to her undeniable creative talents. As 2022 continues to shape up, this should prove to be a tremendously successful summer and year for this mega-talented budding solo electronic artist.

About Kittrix:

Kittrix aka “Kitt” is a house music producer, DJ, and vocalist based in Los Angeles, California.  An avid electronic music lover from a young age, Kittrix brings a fresh vibe to house music with her all-original lyrics and productions that range from dark & moody to light & bouncy, and cross genres between bass house and electro house. Her raw, honest, and passionate productions are an exploration of sonic creativity. Kittrix graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Film Production, and applies her worldbuilding and creative techniques from filmmaking to her music. Kittrix has performed at a myriad of venues and events from coast to coast including Academy LA, DNA Lounge SF, EDC Las Vegas 2018, 2019, & 2021, Paradiso Music Festival 2019, and EDC Orlando 2019. She released her debut Mindreader EP in May 2019. In 2020, Kitt created an online community on Twitch providing feedback on unfinished music and providing a platform to encourage new producers to reach for their highest potential. Also in 2020, she premiered set on the EDC Las Vegas Virtual Rave-A-Thon Discovery Project Stream. In 2021, Kitt performed two more livestreams on Insomniac TV with Aftertraxx and Camp Trip, and appeared on Insomniac Radio with her Projections Mix. Her 2021 release highlights include her second EP release – High Voltage – “Freak” with Wolvero, & her remix of “Unfair” off of M?STIC’s Human album.

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