Koastle Calls Out Shallowness on Social Media With New Electropop Single “Literal Goals” ft. Jake Neumar on Lost In Dreams Records

The SoCal electronic duo partners with Nashville songwriter Jake Nuemar for their label debut for Lost In Dreams. 

Koastle issues their debut single on Lost In Dreams with their latest release, “Literal Goals,” featuring singer Jake Neumar.  

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The vibrant production pair teams up with Nashville-based Jake Neumar to produce an unhinged dance bop reaching into the cultural imperfections of today’s social media world. Fed up with the mind games and superficial aspects of modern-day dating, Neumar calls out the shallowness of the so-called “basic” behaviors defining this generation. 

Literal Goals” fires shots, throwing shade in every direction, over a glistening dance-pop beat, forged from Koastle’s signature shimmery sound design. Draped with flaring melodies and tempered claps, the danceable groove glides directly in-step with Koastle’s ever-growing catalog.

Koastle shares how the song developed: “This song has been three years in the making. We wrote this song with some good friends of ours. It all started out when we were hanging in the room, scrolling through instagram. We saw a post from a girl that we went to college with, posing with her boyfriend at the pool. As we were going through the comments, there were so many ‘fake’ comments from people that we knew would talk poorly about this girl behind her back. The comments were things like ‘Omg yall are perfect,’ ‘Can I be you?,’ and lastly, ‘Wow, Literal Goals,’ hence the song title. So, long story short, we wrote a song about basic girls who are fake on instagram.”

Andy Mueller and Brett Beaudette, the brains behind Koastle, are two Orange County natives aiming to expand their innovative audio-visual vision from “koast to koast.” Their unique melodic sound partnered with their experimental energy aligns perfectly with the explorative nature of the Lost In Dreams vision.

Originally from Philadelphia, Jake Neumar moved to Tennessee pursuing a career in songwriting and producing. With a solid cache of immersive and wondrous singles, this latest release exemplifies the captivating power of Neumar’s sound.

Koastle’s new single “Literal Goals” featuring Jake Neumar, is available on all platforms via Lost In Dreams Records.

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Lost In Dreams is the latest vision to come to life from Insomniac, dedicated to creating a surreal experience across its label, festival, and events series. Powered by Insomniac Music Group and fueled by unfettered imagination, the brand aims to blur the lines between fantasy and reality, while showcasing an array of cutting-edge talent from the genres of future bass, melodic dubstep, and vocal-driven dance music. Since first taking shape at the start of 2021, Lost In Dreams Records has championed a host of boundary-pushing artists including Kaivon, Crystal Skies, Haywyre, Danny Olson, Highlnd and more. Lost in Dreams festival will return to Las Vegas fall of 2022.

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