Kozmoz ‘Cyber Resistance’ Gud Vibrations

The futuristic riddim revolutionist brings out the heavy artillery on his new four-track EP. 

Kozmoz is leading the charge for revolutionary bass music with the release of his new four-tracker, ‘Cyber Resistance,’ his debut EP on SLANDER and NGHTMRE’s esteemed Gud Vibrations imprint. 

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Matthias Seyss is a Saint Louis native who has been waging war against antiquated ideologies via his forward-facing Kozmoz project. In July, the purveyor of futuristic riddim went on the offensive to unleash a preemptive strike taking up the shape of the title cut from his forthcoming EP on Gud Vibrations. In the fallout of that devastating bombshell, he’s falling back into the line of duty to thicken the plot with the first phase of an exciting new saga that is taking his singular sound to new heights.  

The prodigious bass producer is throwing down the gauntlet to create an immersive and vibrant storyline to tie along with the chaotic and beautiful sonic ability that he has always shown. Kozmoz is expressing his view on the world and the state of society into some of the most epic, heart-racing, and aggressive dubstep known to man. Along with orchestral and cinematic melodies that will only increase the tension that much more, he ties it all together with a beautiful and emotional track “Worlds Crashing.”

From the bid to combat on the ambush that ensues on the militant windowmaker “Infantry” all the way through to the dancefloor-collapsing power packed into “Demolition,” this latest effort brought upon by Kozmoz is not to be mistaken for your average festival fodder. The brain-rattling bass Kozmoz he puts forth here carries a far deeper meaning rewarding those brave enough to follow along. 

“The Cyber Resistance EP is an opening to a new experience,” says Kozmoz. “This EP is the preliminary to a story which will unfold through future releases. The title track ‘Cyber Resistance,’ as well as ‘Worlds Crashing’ expresses the sonic feeling and soundscape of the downfall of society, setting the tone for the rest of the EP. The artwork illustrates a portal which leads to a newfound developing planet.”

Over the years, Kozmoz has earned the respect of industry giants from the likes of Modestep, RIOT Ten, Marauda, having secured a slew of releases on some of the most credible stables in the realm of dubstep. His new ‘Cyber Resistance’ EP is only going to catapult him further up the ranks where he rightfully belongs. 

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