KSHMR collaborates with Mixed In Key on latest software launch

Developed in collaboration with internationally renowned music producer KSHMRMixed In Key Live is designed for streaming services and DAWs and can be used to analyze audio files from Spotify, Apple MusicYouTube and all audio on your Mac. Mixed In Key Live is built to accurately detect the true key of any track, sample or loop and features Mixed In Key 10’s legendary harmonic analysis algorithm. 

Mixed In Key partnered with KSHMR, one of the world’s top producers and DJs to create Mixed In Key LiveKSHMR’s vision was to develop a software program that detects the key of any audio file played through streaming services on your Mac, or imported into the program. Mixed In Key Live gives users the key, scale and bpm of any track and shows you the exact notes being played at any given time.

Mixed In Key Live enables musicians, DJs, music producers and engineers to discover the key of their songs or samples instantly by providing them with the most accurate key detection. Mixed In Key Live is a useful tool for studio, home and rehearsal sessions and is exclusively developed for Mac. 

When I’m going through sounds, or preparing for a live show, MIK Live never leaves my screen” – KSHMR

When KSHMR approached us to do a collaboration, we loved his design-oriented thinking and ideas for quick workflows. Mixed In Key Live will be a huge timesaver for music producers, DJs and artists because it provides accurate key detection and BPM so quickly.” –Yakov Vorobyev, President of Mixed In Key 

Mixed In Key Live is great! It’s up-and-running in minutes and gives you great key results from any source” – Pete Tong

I can keep it open all the time. Any sample I play, it’s showing me the key. I can use it for music production and working on mashups. It makes my life easy” – David Guetta

Mixed In Key Live will be available for purchase on 
November 4th, 2021 for $58 USD 


  • Analyze Songs from Streaming Services
    • Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube Music or any other streaming platform on your Mac, Mixed In Key Live will detect the key and tempo of any audio being played on your computer. Mixed In Key Live can be used to accurately analyze the key of audio files on your Mac. Whether you’re listening to new releases or auditioning audio loops, you’ll always know what key the music is in. 
  • Note Visualizer
    • Mixed In Key Live’s graphic note visualizer shows you the exact notes being played at any given time, as well as the key, scale and bpm of your track. Mixed In Key Live is an essential tool to help users quickly discover the key of any audio file. 
  • Small but Mighty
    • Good things come in small packages! Mixed In Key Live includes a collapsed view available from the MacOS menu bar. Save desktop space and keep the collapsed view of Mixed In Key Live open while you use streaming sites, audition samples in Splice or play audio files, and the track’s key will always be displayed.
  • Improved key detection algorithm
    • Mixed In Key Live includes Mixed In Key 10’s new and improved key detection algorithm. The latest version combines the work of American, British and Swiss data scientists to create the most accurate key detection algorithm that Mixed In Key has ever created.
  • Detect the Key of Vinyl Records
    • Vinyl collectors will be pleased to learn that they can use Mixed In Key Live to detect the key of their records when the audio output of the record player (or soundcard that it’s connected to) is sent to the computer speakers. After this connection is made, put the needle on the record and Mixed In Key Live will instantly display the track’s key. 
  • Supported file formats: 
    • Any of the following file formats can be imported and analysed in Mixed In Key Live. 
      • .aif/.aiff
      • .flac
      • .m4a (.aac and .alac)
      • .mp3
      • .mp4
      • .wav

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