Lālo Parade ‘Let You Go’

Indie-rock riser Lālo Parade returns with his first single of 2023, ‘Let You Go’. The sun-kissed offering flaunts a groovy rhythm, shimmering chords and intimate vocals and tells the tale of acceptance and hope following heartbreak.


Lālo in his own words about the track, “After a dear friend went through a painful breakup from a long-term relationship, it struck me how this kind of life event can be almost as traumatic as death. Suddenly, someone who was once an integral part of your life is gone, and you’re left to mourn. Witnessing my friend’s struggle and heartbreak was a powerful experience that inspired me to write about it.”

Together with a small group of musicians, Lālo’s nephew (blvkkhvrt.) and producer Wil Anspach, ‘Let You Go’ was created. The new track follows on from Lālo’s 2022 releases, ‘Fasho’ and ‘Sweet Thing’, which received support from revered publications such as Alchemical Records, Fame Magazine and Turtle Tempo.


Lālo Parade is a talented singer-songwriter who discovered his passion for music at a young age in a small town. Starting as a classic rock-inspired teenager, Lālo’s taste in music evolved towards metal, punk, and ska, and he has performed with several prominent artists. During the pandemic, Lālo used the time to experiment with his music and create a unique sound that blends introspective lyrics, memorable melodies, and authentic delivery, appealing to listeners of all ages. 

In addition to his musical pursuits, Lālo has been the writer/owner of Hello Radio (, a music marketing platform, for 12 years. He helps artists with media production and web development. With multiple albums and EPs already released, Lālo is poised to make his mark on the music industry with his genuine approach to music and web3 technology. Notably, Lālo is also a musician and producer with a deep product design background, working as a Lead Product Designer for Warner Music Group.