Uni ‘Endless’

Photo Credit: Shanai Smith

“Uni” is the solo project of singer-songwriter and producer, Christina Borenstadt. Her inspiration began when she was a young girl, growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area. As a teenager, she taught herself how to play guitar, and finally, after moving to Southern California and achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance, she learned how to produce her own music. 


Uni is now ready to share her brand new single ‘Endless’, a wistful and emotional track that flaunts Uni’s poetic lyrics and dreamy soundscapes. 

In her own words about the upcoming release, Uni shared, “’Endless’ is the light and dark, the yin and yang, the opposition we yearn for that we can never touch, but yet makes us complete”

The release of ‘Endless’ follows on from her 2022 dream-pop inspired single entitled “In Dreams,” which garnered radio, press and playlist support from the likes of KGRG, Lost In The Manor and Elen Pop Songs.

Uni released her debut EP, “The Mountains Inside” in 2021, which pours out as a subjective, intimate portrait of an inner journey of discovery. The EP includes her stand out single ‘Loving in the Distance’, which has reached over a million people worldwide.

Having been compared to acts such as Bat for Lashes, Jewel, Wolf Alice, and The Cranberries, Uni showcases her 90s singer-songwriter and indie rock influences through a modern-day lens.