Lane 8 Drops Part 1 of Seasonal Summer Mixtape

Deep house favorite Lane 8 has dropped his hotly anticipated Summer Mixtape, part of his seasonal mix series. Slightly different to past releases, Lane 8 has broken this summer mix into two parts, releasing the first of two parts today. Part 1 clocks in at two hours in length, featuring deeper, melodic music; whereas Part 2 will feature three hours of more upbeat, club-oriented tracks.

Lane 8’s Summer Mixtape comes ahead of his This Never Happened Summer Gathering tour, in which Lane 8 will play a 5 hour extended set at various, eclectic non-club venues in Colorado, New York and September in the coming months. His September 23rd show has already sold out, demonstrating the high demand for these shows, which are essentially mini boutique festivals in their own right. Tickets available here