Le Youth’s label PRGRSSN Records has released Discoveries, a new continuous mix featuring fresh and upcoming talent in the dance music space. Le Youth’s goal in creating this mix is to support and champion new artists while building a community of artists who support each other, rather than just a label.

A constant force in dance music since 2013, Le Youth made a pivot sonically at the tail end of 2019, moving away from his dance/pop roots and towards the melodic house scene with PRGRSSN. Since then, the label has released a substantial number of singles and EPs, aligning with the right artists, many of which are highlighted on Discoveries.  

Listen to Discoveries here:

In addition to featuring a brand-new track from Le Youth with “Virgo,” the 25-track compilation is a selection of material curated by Le Youth of PRGRSSN’s most notable acts. Some of the featured artists on Discoveries include:

Leossa, a melodic, progressive house duo from Winnipeg, Canada featuring the merged talents of melodic house producer BETKR (Jayson Betker) and ambient alternative artist/producer Manny Goosen. Affectionately described as “dance music for people with feelings,” Leossa’s energetic remixes and entrancing originals embody late-night grooves and memorable moments. The pair released their debut EP L Minus / Aloutte 1 on PRGRSSN earlier this year , followed by a standout remix of Le Youth’s “Underwater” on Armada. “Lavirra” as featured on Discoveries appeared on their Bound By Time EP released earlier this summer.

Jake Kaiser, a producer and DJ based in San Francisco, blends the sound of deep, progressive and organic house in innovative and fresh ways with a strong emphasis on atmospheres and strong melodic ideas. He is heavily inspired by nature and brings his personal adventures and travels into his work through the use of field recordings, live instrumentation and analog gear. His new single for Discoveries “Drift” is a shimmering delight.

Motives is the moniker of Washington D.C.-based DJ and producer Ben Kane. A lifelong musician and fan of electronic music, he draws his inspiration from the deeper, melodic territories of progressive house, including artists like Lane 8, Yotto and Cassian. Motives spent 2020 crafting a distinct, signature sound — a blend of driving rhythm and intricate, introspective melody. The spring saw him release his debut EP Remedy, and standout single “Desire,” which gained over 40k streams in less than three months. After making his label debut on Le Youth’s PRGRSSN Records last fall, Motives returns to the label this month with his Spaces EP, with the title track appearing on Discoveries.

Oh Balboa is a New York born, Los Angeles based musician, songwriter, and producer. His influences include artists such as Lane 8, Bon Iver, Calvin Harris, Prince, deadmau5, Sigur Ros, Daft Punk, and Explosions In The Sky. After several successful singles released with labels like Ensis Records, his first EP I Got Ya is out now on PRGRSSN Records and his latest “Not The Time” can be heard here.

The complete track list for PRGRSSN Record’s Discoveries is: 

1. Le Youth – “Virgo”2. Phil Jones – “Without You”3. Tnahsi – “I Watched Us As We Changed”4. Slieve – “Lost In”5. Black Wands – “Candlelight”6. Sam Parker – “Nocturne”7. Staysis – “Tearing Away”8. Around Us – “Magnify”9. VEHA – “Echoes”10. Jope – “Solskin”11. Oh Balboa – “Not The Time”12. Jason McMullen – “Alone”13. Motives – “Spaces”14. Into the Ether – “Never Like to Wait”15. Blank Page – “Canyon”16. Jake Kaiser – “Drift”17. Merkie – “Camisado”18. Fløa & Scolario – “Memories”19. Rebel Of Sleep – “TP253”20. Maybe Someday – “While We’re Young”21. Nik Alevizos – “Metamorphosis”22. RIVE – “Primavera”23. Leossa – “Lavirra”24. 28mm – “Always”25. Child Of – “Broken”


Le Youth has been a constant force in dance music since 2013. With numerous releases and remixes with some of the most influential dance music labels in the world, totaling over a quarter of a billion streams, Le Youth continues to elevate his artistry with releases on Lane 8’s record label This Never Happened, Anjunabeats and his own PRGRSSN imprint. Heavily inspired by the deep melodic house and progressive sounds of Lane 8, Ben Böhmer, Spencer Brown and Eric Prydz, Le Youth’s decision to start making music exclusively for the dance floor was a deliberate one. Wes James, aka Le Youth, began collecting iconic vintage studio gear and synthesizers over the past few years. His exploration of these pieces, by both experimenting with them himself and learning of their usage throughout dance music history, led Wes down a new musical avenue rediscovering some of the true analog essences of dance music. 2021 has proven to be a pivotal year for Le Youth, as his musical output on This Never Happened, Anjunabeats, Monstercat Silk, and his label and event brand PRGRSSN continues to meet acclaim from the industry and fans alike.

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