LEISURE reveal short film for recent singles ‘Take You Higher’ and ‘Mesmerised’

The stunning visuals were directed by fellow New Zealander Jason Bock

Acclaimed New Zealand five-piece LEISURE & director Jason Bock have released a short film soundtracked by the group’s recent singles, ‘Take You Higher’ and ‘Mesmerised’.

Watch the Short Film Here

The stunning visuals tell the tale of a daydreaming protagonist who is suddenly awakened from his slumber whilst being transported to a succession of gorgeous landscapes – each more breathtaking than the next.

Bock explains that the ‘Take You Higher’ segment was inspired by an experience LEISURE had in the aftermath of playing a gig on an idyllic island in their native New Zealand. After the show, they decided to have a writing session until the early hours and as the sun rose that morning, the stunning landscape around them was revealed as they wrote the track. Meanwhile, the ‘Mesmerised’ segment of the short film was inspired by the way Bock felt when listening to the song; the feeling of your mind drifting away from reality.

Starting off as a painter before evolving into a filmmaker, Jason Bock’s work has a strong emphasis on aesthetics, blurring the lines between music videos, short films and commercials. His visuals are known for twisting concepts and visuals to create an unorthodox form of storytelling.

Bock’s dreamy and ethereal visual, coupled with the ‘higher plane’ vibes ‘Take You Higher’ and ‘Mesmerised’ convey, is not only a visual representation of LEISURE’s laidback energy but also showcases the gorgeous views of what New Zealand’s outback has to offer. Both singles are from LEISURE’s upcoming SIDE B EP, due out in October.


  1. ‘Take You Higher’
  2. ‘Mesmerised’
  3. ‘Flipside’
  4. ‘Visions of You’
  5. ‘Miles Away’

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