Lenses Dances remix EP is an exciting explorative sonic journey

Katsunori Sawa & Anthone (aka Martsman) are Bokeh, the mainstay duo of Berlin’s Weevil Neighbourhood. Both artists come from a history of blending the styles of techno, D&B, and drone music into concrete, hard-stepping experimentations for labels such as Opal Tapes, Hidden Hawaii, and UVB-76. Bokeh debuted their LP, Lenses Dances, in 2020 on Mirae Arts, a DIY label based in Northern California. 

Lenses Dances (Edits by DYL) is a remix EP by DYL, the Romania-based D&B producer responsible for this year’s trending releases on re:st. The three-track rework is an explorative sonic journey consisting of reverberating rhythms, dazzling hi-hats, and DYL’s signature D&B undertones. The artwork is by Paul Nicholson, the graphic designer of the Aphex Twin logo.  

The accompanying music video was engineered by Torimimasataka, a visual artist based in Osaka, Japan. 

Artist: Bokeh
Remixer: DYL
Title: Lenses Dances (Edits by DYL)
Label: Mirae Arts
Format: Digital
Date: February 4th


1. Burst Contour (DYL Rework)
2. Dual Heart (DYL Rework)
3. Embrace Aging Into Blue (DYL Rework)