Lily Hain ‘Wrapped Up’

Indie singer/songwriter Lily Hain has returned with her latest offering, “Wrapped Up,” set for release on August 18th. The track, a musical navigation of stress, layers Hain’s smooth vocals with chill synths, drum kits, and electric guitar solos. Verses discuss the “inner turmoil” that life breeds. While the hook – “stuck in my damn mind” – swirls around a bright and playful melody, the lyrics reveal a deeper meaning. Comparisons to Maggie Rogers, Phoebe Bridgers, Soccer Mommy, and Holly Humberstone can easily be made. 

Born and raised in North Carolina, and now rooted in the NYC alt-pop scene, Hain has garnered a dedicated following through her soulful performances and authentic songwriting. Seamlessly navigating various genres and styles, she maintains her distinctive identity as a true lyricist. Her prior debut EP, a pop-influenced take on pandemic isolation called “Drifted,” made waves in the industry. Listeners were excited for her most recent release, “Spicy,” which received notable praise from Notion, C-Heads, and Lock Magazine. Both “Spicy” and “Wrapped Up” are featured on her “fiery” upcoming LP, set for release in 2024. 

“Wrapped Up” is the perfect example of Hain’s innovation as an artist, creating a simple bass line over guitar. Once she was in the studio, she recorded the bass line, collaborating with her producer to add in the rest of the track. “I wrote it last summer when I had a lot on my plate and was struggling with a constant low mood,” she shares. “Despite my best efforts to keep moving forward and look on the bright side, I still couldn’t get rid of the constant pit in my stomach.” 

The track’s relatability pairs well with its anthemic, ear-worm refrain. An accompanying music video features vibrant animations of a female protagonist sprawled on her bed, chipping newly-painted nails, and walking around New York City. Neon colors contradict the scenes, a nod to the duality of “Wrapped Up” – a balance of hopelessness and hope.