Lo-fi Queer Folk Artist Madam Sad shares “Accepted” off Horrors of Capitalism Concept LP

Hamilton, ON’s Madam Sad is the six year long project of Maddison Schrieber, a name created by combining the names Mads and Adam. They are a disabled, traumatized, and queer person. Making whatever they have access to, while still keeping it small, they focus on Americana and folk styles of music, guided by the vulnerability and sincerity they see in those styles. They hope their music can help other marginalized individuals take solace.  

As part of a psychological horror concept album titled Paradise, that is inspired by the cold reality of capitalism, their latest track “Accepted” is about the main character in the album’s narrative finally becoming accepted in the story. The symbolism behind violence being a key for acceptance comes from the idea that extortion in capitalism gets you accepted or admired. It’s a purposefully bare bones recording with back-up vocals by Connor Marquis-young and saxophone played by Connor Bennett.

Stream the unique song and story, “Accepted,” now: