Sonya Glass – Horoscope

Photo Credit:  Bhagya

Indie singer-songwriter Sonya Glass has returned with her latest single, “Horoscope,” set for release on July 28th. The track functions as a lullaby of sorts, moody acoustic guitar accompanied by Glass’ shimmering vocals. With a stripped down nature, the lyrics shine through, telling the tale of, “the mind of a hopeless romantic looking for answers,” according to Glass. “Will you come over and hold my hand?/ Tell me that you understand,/ even if it’s a lie,” she sings. Inspiration from the introspective and often melancholy romanticism of Billie Eilish, Daughter, and Lana Del Rey is evident. 

Glass, born and raised in Maryland, is currently based in Jackson, Mississippi. She has been pursuing her craft since the tender age of five, honing her raw vocals. Her songwriting skills are essential to her work, and she relies on personal experience to connect with her audience. Most notably, she released her debut EP “Shell of a Stranger” in 2016, with the standout single “Flicker” and its accompanying music video. With an average 13K listeners monthly on Spotify alone, Glass has proven that her work resonates with listeners in a substantial way. 

“Horoscope” was written after a chance Instagram post jam session. Glass recorded the lines after reading her daily astrological report, and her producer encouraged her to professionally lay down the track. “My horoscope was right today, /I really wasn’t supposed to create./ But I guess I’ve got too much to say,” she laments in the verse. “Horoscope” begs to be played in a coffee shop, or on a pensive rainy day, fostering a space for self-reflection no matter what mood you’re in.