Lost In Dreams Opens up Its ‘Gateway’ Compilation With 6 Diverse Tracks on Vol. 4

Lost In Dreams shines a light on future stars with its stunning new compilation.

Lost In Dreams is back with the latest installment of their illustrious ‘Gateway’ compilation series. Serving as a conduit for some of the most exciting up-and-comers in melodic bass, future bass, and dance-pop, ‘Gateway Vol 4’ keeps the vision alive with an impeccable six-track offering. The release sees incredible new originals from TWERL, With Løve, Foxela & Haneri, Eyezic & WAYN BRANDO, CHPTR. & HYLIA, and SunShy

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Perth-based producer TWERL kicks things off with the opening single “Escape.” Explosive and emotion-driven, the track whisks listeners away on a dreamy melodic bass adventure. Uplifting vocal hooks, ethereal melodies, sparkling piano keys, and punchy drum arrangements intertwine with an effervescent video game-inspired lead that’s fueled by glossy arpeggiations. It’s a soul-stirring yet energetic bop that will sweep you off your feet.

With Løve connects with singer-songwriter Daye for the sentimental future bass ballad “Too Late.” Dripping with nostalgia and raw emotion, Daye’s vocals paint vivid pictures of a love worth fighting for. The minimal guitar-lead backing allows the lyrics to cut through before exploding into a storm of rousing vocal bends, futuristic synths, and impassioned energy.  

With Løve speaks on the single, saying: “Daye wrote about some of her past experiences in relationships and it came out beautifully. Myself and Daye are very excited to share ‘Too Late’ with everybody. We poured a lot of emotion into this track and we hope that it resonates with all of you!

“Inventing Light” sees Foxela and Haneri joining forces for an inspiring anthem. The pop-friendly vocals are packed with luminous energy furthering the unstoppable inertia housed within the lyrics. Twinkling melodies dance with deep grooves and driving drums for an uplifting pop dance bop that will brighten your day. 

Inventing Light,’ to me, is no ordinary song,” explains Foxela. “It encapsulates the feeling that I wanted to show perfectly! My goal with this track was to remember the nostalgic sound of 2010s dance music with my own sound and also a touch of modernity. It is most definitely one of the best songs I have ever made and definitely one of my favorites, too.

Eyezic and WAYN BRANDO switch up the sound with their collab “Slumber.” On it, the pair fuses their talents for an unforgettable indie dance offering that’s riddled with a sense of melancholy. The somber lyrics and vocal delivery possess a haunting beauty that’s catchy yet clouded with shadows. The production moves from subdued to spirited, bringing in a leading house groove that gives “Slumber” an air of buoyancy. This is the epitome of dancing through the darkness and finding hope in the abyss.

Eyezic breaks down the direction he took on the song: “When writing ‘Slumber,’ I was very excited about writing something that really gravitated towards this new ethereal space I’ve been experimenting with. From the bouncy chords, vocal chops, and fun counter melodies, it just felt very freeing and happy. It was one of the first times I had a really fun time writing music like that in a long time. Then, I passed over the idea to WAYN BRANDO, and he really made it what it came to be, a very melancholic and bouncy tune.

“Reset” takes fans on a deep, interpersonal journey. CHPTR. and Canadian singer and producer HYLIA charter the internal struggles of depression while providing a sense of hope. The track soundtracks the need for a restart, exploring the darkness while giving a sense of hopefulness. Sci-fi-inspired synths, punchy drums, and euphoric low-end collide in the drops for a cinematic bass explosion. 

Germany’s CHPTR. shares his feelings about reconnecting with the vocal talent on their newest creation: “I already knew HYLIA from another collaboration, so I was sure that she was the perfect choice for this. Together, we created a very emotional and, at the same time, energetic track that has the potential to appeal to many listeners because of the theme. ‘Reset’ lyrically is about breaking patterns; overcoming things like isolation due to anxiety, overthinking, seasonal depression, and destructive patterns.” 

HYLIA elaborates further, stating: “It’s a song based on the term ‘reset your thinking,’ which was something I have been dealing with quite a lot for the past month or so. I truly felt like this song just flowed so naturally and came from such a vulnerable place in my heart and it gave me the reset I needed to get up and push forward stronger than before—that it’s never too late to change and have a reset, whether mental or physical. I hope the lyrics of this track becomes a ballad for the listener, a ballad of overcoming and healing.”

Drawing the compilation to a close is SunShy’s “Used To Be.” The grooviest among the selection, the track possesses a commanding sense of nostalgia that calls back to better times. The bouncy melody jumps from wall to wall as retro soundscapes and blurred vocals drift in and out of focus. “Used To Be” is an impactful reminder that dancey and emotionally-gripping don’t have to be mutually exclusive. 

Spanning multiple genres, sounds, and feelings, ‘Gateway Vol 4’ illustrates Lost In Dreams’ curation mastery while showcasing some of tomorrow’s brightest new stars.  

‘Gateway Vol. 4’ Track List: 

1.     TWERL – Escape     

2.     With Løve, Daye – Too Late (feat. Daye)    

3.     Foxela, Haneri – Inventing Light     

4.     Eyezic, WAYN BRANDO – Slumber  

5.     CHPTR., HYLIA – Reset

6.     SunShy – Used To Be

Lost In Dreams’ new compilation Gateway Vol 4’ is available on all platforms.

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