LPT Releases New Single & Video “Se Quema El Mundo”

LPT, the 10-piece orchestra out of Jacksonville, FL have announced a new single and video, out now. The band is back after receiving national press accolades from BillboardSounds & Colours, and PopMatters for their breakthrough debut album Sin Parar, which also won the Best Latin Album at the 18th Annual Independent Music Awards. Now the ambassadors of Salsa and Afro-Cuban music in the Southeast return with a new single and video for “Se Quema El Mundo,” the title track from their highly anticipated sophomore album.

With so much momentum going for LPT, it came to a screeching halt when the pandemic hit. Lead vocalist, Josué A. Cruz expresses’ “Se Quema El Mundo was written during the height of the pandemic. Like many bands and groups, the global shut down hit us hard. We lost career changing opportunities that we had worked years to cultivate. We always knew we weren’t the only ones suffering, but that didn’t ease the pain and the dark emotional places that it took us to. In September of 2020, we all kind of started to dust ourselves off a bit and started arranging new material.”
The first single and album title “Se Quema El Mundo” (The World is Burning) was born both out of frustration and perseverance. The song’s main theme is, yes, the world is burning, but we are all just trying to find a way to continue. We’re all working on not failing. Cruz adds, “We wanted to find inspiration in adversity. Not just through the global pandemic, but all of the adversity that we share in as a community and as humans. The noise gets maddening and so obtrusive that the world actually seems to be burning. Hell, some days the world actually IS burning: heat waves, wild fires, oil spills. All of the heated exchanges between humans that fry nerve endings. All of it. But, we still have to move forward as a people. Eradicate all of the poisons that ruin us: racism, poverty, inequality. We still have to find a way not to fail our future generations. That may sound trite and obvious, but it is no less true right now.”  
The song continues the salsa con conciencia (salsa with consciousness) themes that have always been a part of LPT’s DNA. The band’s motto is “We love to make you dance and if we can make you think at the same time, then we’ve really hit it out of the park.”

The single is accompanied by a dynamic and enthralling music video directed by Myles Dante, which captures LPT’s energy in a late night mixer fueled by fire dancers, salsa dancing, and cocktails. 
The band concludes, “The world is on fire and we’re just trying to find a way to build bridges, make connections and move forward together.”