Lubelski Releases ‘Happy Accidents’ Album on DIRTYBIRD, Kicks off US Tour

Today the producer, DJ, and modular synthesist, Lubelski releases the ‘Happy Accidents’ LP on DIRTYBIRD and announces additional dates for the accompanying album tour kicking off today in Boston. 

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Album Tour Kicks off November 12th, stops in Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Las Vegas & More

Written over a six week stretch of modular jam tracking and long nights of isolation, the album  represents a moment in Lubelski’s career when he discarded the rule book and wrote with a renewed sense of creative freedom. This feeling is exuded at every twist and turn on the record, disregarding any preconceptions people might have had about him or the label.
‘Happy Accidents’ has already seen huge traction globally with its first single ‘Asylum’, earning support from industry stalwarts like Dixon, Ame and Dusky, a clear indication of just how far this record would propel Lubelski. Single two saw the artist join forces with label boss Claude VonStroke and of-the-moment vocalist Life on Planets on ‘Ice Cream Cone’, which found its way into the record boxes of Damian Lazarus, Guy Gerber and Gorgon City.
Lubelski tapped some of his best allies for the record like the amazing Life on Planets and Dirtybird boss Claude VonStroke on ‘Ice Cream Cone’, Ardalan on ‘Just The Way’, Wyatt Marshall on ‘Out of Phase’, Danke on ‘Satisfied’, and House Alias on the album’s ambient ender. These tracks meld together with the rest of the album to create something as cohesive as it is turbulent, aimed to push and prod at the outer fringes of the dance floor with a maniacal smile in tow.
It remains Lubelski’s solo work on the record that sees him explore entirely new territory in the studio. ‘Macrodose’ pounds through the dark days of quarantine, bringing a unique and glistening techno flavor to the album, while ‘Diffuser’ leverages modular soundscapes to create something as psychedelic as it is club-ready. ‘Dreaming’ sees the artist recalibrate his late 2000’s minimal influence, while ‘Why Do You Do The Things You Do’ and ‘You Keep Me Up Late’ welcome his vocals to the forefront, taking on feelings of self-doubt felt throughout the writing process.
In Lubelski’s own words, “Writing this album was one of the most stressful yet gratifying experiences of my career, so far. I always felt like using modular was like having a conversation with a synthesizer. The randomness and varying levels of uncertainty that you can obtain more easily with modular reflected those long nights in the studio, isolated with my gear and a camera. This body of work is something I’m incredibly proud of. It’s all about finding the sounds that have surprised me and putting them to use”.
Lubelski has spent the last decade rising on his own terms. Always straddling underground sensibilities and danceable sound design, Jake remains a rarity in a space polarized by fun-havers and chin-strokers. His forward-thinking production know-all has earned him access to premiere imprints like Damian Lazarus’ Crosstown Rebels, Audiojack’s Gruuv, Mikey Lion’s Desert Hearts, and Melé’s Club Bad, all the while running his PERCOMANIACS Records alongside RYBO and Wyatt Marshall. 
Through it all Claude VonStroke has championed him first as an artist to watch, then one to cherish, releasing breakthrough tracks like ‘Animalistic’ and ‘Lost My Senses’ that have helped define the next generation of DIRTYBIRD soundscapes. Then in the heat of lock-downs, banished from the booth, Claude offered Lubelski a live modular-jam show on the label’s Twitch channel that would forever change the way he made music. For marathon stretches each week Lubelski would get lost in the bleeps and bloops of modular synth oddities, letting the randomness of the machines take control, and showing off a side of his personality that few had seen before. It was here that Claude offered Jake his debut DIRTYBIRD album and where the ‘Happy Accidents’ concept took form.
With the help of his own official Twitch partnership channel and a dedicated group of fans, Lubelski spent six weeks jamming and recording the leftfield modular samples that would become the bedrock of the project. Another month later he would have the most wide-reaching yet cohesive body of work he had ever created. An erratic, eclectic, and club ready moment in time captured in amber and ready to rave.

Watch the ‘Happy Accidents’ Modular Jam Sessions Here 

Together with his video synthesist collaborator and dublab resident Alex Pelly, Lubelski aims to bring the mysteries of modular to the fun-loving US dancefloor. Alex has prevailed as one of the foremost artists in the modular video world, creating immersive visual palettes for artists like Aura-T09, Sha Sha Kimbo, Diskore and underground collectives like Das Bunker. 

Watch Modular Synthesized Visualizer for ‘Just The Way’ by Alex Pelly Here

‘Happy Accidents’ is emotive yet hard hitting, brutish yet polished – a gritty and prolific treat for the senses that’s ready to rave. 

Lubelski’s ‘Happy Accidents’ Album Tour Dates
11/12 – Boston, MA – Royale
11/13 – Philadelphia, PA – The Avenue
11/20 – Atlanta, GA – District
11/26 – Fresno, CA  – Fulton 55
11/27 – Los Angeles, CA – Sound Nightclub
12/1 – Santa Cruz, CA – Motiv
12/2 – San Jose, CA – LVL 44
12/3 – San Francisco, CA – Monarch
12/10 – Reno, NV – Dead Ringer Analogue Bar
12/11 – San Diego, CA – Spin Nightclub
12/17 – Jacksonville, FL – Underbelly
12/18 – Salt Lake City, UT – The Block
1/8 – Dallas, TX – It’ll Do
1/13 – Denver, CO – Bar Standard
1/14 – Seattle, WA – Kremwerk
1/15 – Las Vegas, NV – Discopussy

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