The album is spearheaded by a collaboration with Sophie Ellis-Bextor

September 15, 2023 – Lufthaus, the upstart dance project formed by long-term musical collaborators and friends Robbie Williams, Flynn Francis and Tim Metcalfe, today announced their forthcoming debut album, ‘Visions Volume 1’, coming October 6 on Armada Music.

The ten-track production signals a new milestone in the act’s development; what started as a project nurtured during the pandemic, owing to the trio’s love for Berlin’s electronica sound inspired by clubbing days away from the limelight, is now — years on from its inception — a fully fledged player in the genre’s landscape. A journey through the melodic side of the soundscape fits against dance floors and early-morning sunrises alike, crafted meticulously in studios across the UK (Robbie’s homeland) and Australia, where both Tim and Flynn grew up. This collection is not just testament to their enduring friendship and synergy, but also to their mutual passion and dedication to electronic music.

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Robbie Williams, sharing his excitement about the album, said: “This isn’t just a collection of songs. It’s our heart, our soul and our vision for what electronic music can be. With Flynn and Tim by my side, we’ve embarked on a musical journey that we’re eager to share with the world.”

Following a handful of introductory tracks such as ‘Sway’ (released anonymously back in February 2022) and ‘Soul Seekers’ (released in tandem with Robbie’s identity being revealed), new tracks to surface upon the album’s release include ‘Immortal’, a link-up with UK pop sensation Sophie Ellis-Bextor, and ‘Sunlight’, that hits down in tandem with the announcement of the album: a track as summer-scented as its title suggests. With shimmering plucks, warm chords and a strong vocal from Flynn, this track leans into the act’s sultrier poolside context.

Flynn Francis, reflecting on the journey, remarked: “We had a lot of fun making this album and I think that translates in the music. Each track is a sonic chapter in our journey, reflecting the evolution of our friendship and our collective experiences within electronic music.”

Tim Metcalfe added: “Every track on ‘Visions Volume One’ tells a story, a memory, an emotion.”

‘Visions Volume 1’ will be released via Armada Music on October 6, 2023.

Pre-order ‘Visions Volume 1’ here.


1. Lufthaus – Sway

2. Lufthaus – Sunlight

3. Lufthaus feat. Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Immortal

4. Lufthaus – Alcohol

5. Lufthaus – Unlovable

6. Lufthaus – Ringo

7. Lufthaus – Bon Vivant Redux

8. Lufthaus – To The Light

9. Lufthaus – Mason’s Daughter

10. Lufthaus – Soul Seekers

About Lufthaus

Lufthaus is the electronic group of long-time friends and musical collaborators Robbie Williams, Tim Metcalfe and Flynn Francis. The group’s sound, fusing the pulse of electronica with the art and structure of classic songwriting, was greatly inspired by the city of Berlin. What the trio have created in response to the atmospheres there feels timeless, impressionistic and yet relentlessly modern — much like Berlin itself. Lufthaus’ merging of music, art, new digital technologies and live performance forges a unique experience that is somehow intangible, classic and yet as much of the future as the pulse driving all great cities — not least the city that still defines creative collaboration and experimentation. Live shows have already captivated audiences that have been showcased all over the UK and Europe as Lufthaus were support for Robbie’s XXV 2023 World Tour, boasting state-of-the-art visuals, pulsating light shows and a raw energy that reverberate through every venue.

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