Lukas Lyrestam delivers hazy late night grooves on ‘High On Your Love’

Featuring remixes by Ron Basejam, Jimpster and Cinthie

Sweden’s Lukas Lyrestam returns with a bass-laden splash within ‘High On Your Love’ released through legendary Brighton based label Skint Records on 3rd September.

‘High On Your Love’ is as intoxicating as they come; a pulsing track deluged in elements of deep-house, nocturnal soul melodies over Lukas’ hypnotic vocal delivery. 

Lukas says: “About 2 and 1/2 years ago before the world turned up side down, I received an Instagram message from a figure on the internet calling himself ‘Midfield General’, it was about a track of mine called HOYL (short for High On Your Love) that he had heard recently. He loved the record, had been playing it every set and would I be interested in re-releasing it? It lit a spark of joy in my heart, as HOYL in one form or another has been in the making for nigh on 4 years. Starting life as a piano-instrumental lamenting the ecstatic loss of love, it’s been tested in various shapes and forms and in clubs, pubs and concert halls. The breakthrough came in the shape of a malfunctioning hard-drive where half of the channels disappeared and I had to replace the bass with a temperamental 303. The gloomy themes of unrequited love had been transformed into something uplifting, cathartic and ultimately banging – an acid homage to moving on, much as I had in my own life. To now have this record come out on the legendary Skint, is a little dream come true for me.”

About the remixes, he adds: “I’ve been a fan of the remixers for a long-time and they’ve all done such a stellar job. They’ve taken the essential parts of my own music and combined it with what makes their own work so special. For closure I’ve also re-recorded a “Pianopella” version for all the relaxing feels. Here’s hoping it “moves” you in all the right ways on a dance floor in the near future.”

Merging the worlds of 80s pop and contemporary deep house, Lukas Lyrestam bridges the emotional worlds of electronic music with straight retro-rollers. With releases on legendary labels like Skylax Records, Common Labour and many more plus props from legends of the scene like Gerd Janson, Todd Edwards, Mano Le Tough, Soul Clap and more keep an eye on this one as he rolls out a swashbuckling live show filled with guitars and vocal acrobatics.

Born in Sweden but raised in London this grafter of deep-house has run a vinyl-only record label for the last five years as well as events in bookings at legendary institutions like Ministry of Sound and EGG. Having DJ’d internationally for the last 5 years as well as thrown his own fair share of illegal underground parties on the continent this young man’s dance-floor instincts are very well honed.

Having recently spent time in Paris and relocated to Berlin, house-legend Hardrock Striker (collaborator of DJ Sprinkles, LARRY HEARD etc.) oversaw Lukas’ recent and most complete piece of work – When 2 Bodies Become One, which came out in 2020.

This unique collage of house, electronica and retro vibes was supported across the board by a huge variety of DJs and publications like HERCULES and Love Affair, Surgeon, DJ Deep, Luke Slater, Red Axes, Jennifer Cardini, Sandrien, Ivan Smagghe, Dublab, Redlight Radio, NTS, Mixmag and Pitchfork. The future’s looking bright for Lukas as the vanguard of electronic music stamp their seal of approval.

‘HOYL’ is released on 3rd September through Skint Records.