Mac Vaughn spaced out peak-time DJ mix recorded in the UAE desert

Veteran San Francisco bases DJ / producer / label owner Mac Vaughn celebrates the release of his new single ‘The Deconstruction’ out now Fierce Animals, with a brand new DJ mix recorded in the middle of the UAE desert.

Listen to new single ‘The Deconstruction’ here :

He says: “I put this mix together for my last gig in Dubai / Ras Al Khaimah. It was an epic outdoor party on the sand dunes in the middle of the UAE desert. The mix starts with what sounds like a ship being launched into space, guided by ground control followed by a dark and driving peak-hour monster. Each track that follows takes the listener deeper into the night. The mix includes tracks from artists such as Lilly Palmer, Roberto Capuano, MOTVS, Jody 6, Uto Karem, Hi-Lo, Layton Giordani and features my latest release on Fierce Animal Recordings. From begging to end, the mix takes the listener on a journey into the deepest hours of the night and beyond, into the unknown…”

MAC VAUGHN. Techno DJ. Producer. Mystic.

Mac Vaughn is a vibe. An experience. A transmission from the void where expansive, hard-hitting sounds await. Relentless baselines, complex rhythms, and dark, sexy, and esoteric vibrations fill the ether. His performances are electric, dynamic, and full of mayhem.

As founder and head of Fierce Animal Recordings, a top 100 techno label, Mac has created a unique space to explore the boundaries of the genre. After many years of influencing the San Francisco dance music scene, his visionary creations are now at the forefront of the global techno movement, delivering a curated experience to listeners who are tuned in.  Let’s rave.