Madison Mars is making his STMPD debut with ‘’GTFO’’

Madison Mars is making his STMPD debut with ‘’GTFO’’. The creative journey behind “GTFO” was marked by a playful exploration of vocal samples. Madison Mars’s pursuit of the perfect vocal led to an unexpected turn of events when he decided to lend his own voice to the track. Combining his vocals with AI-generated female vocals, Madison Mars crafted a sonic masterpiece that defies conventions and showcases his boundless creativity.

“I really like the freedom while making music, and this is just a perfect example of that,” Madison Mars shares. The infectious energy and enthusiasm that went into crafting “GTFO” shine through every note.’’

“GTFO” is a basshouse bomb that hits with unrelenting power. It’s a testament to Madison Mars’s knack for producing tracks that infuse sheer intensity with an irresistible groove.


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