Madrid 79‘s new EP imagines alternative reality of Barcelona‘s past embodied with analogue synths and acid bleeps

Barcelona 92 is the second EP from Madrid 79 in fuego en casa after Aciday. Four tracks of old electro-techno. While Aciday depicted a day in an imaginary Madrid in the 80s, ‘Barcelona92’ talks 30 years after the olympic games about an alternative reality past of Barcelona where robots did sport and dance while the original town was destroyed for something more modern.

Made up live with analogue synths basslines and acid bleeps, the four tracks of the EP develop techno electro beats for the dancefloor.

It starts with Barcelona 99 with heavy 909 routines and plenty of optimism about the future. Continues with Barcelona 95 developing the electro synths when the city is built and the robotic athletes are in. Continues with the happy acid of Barcelona 98 in the B side and the EP finalises with a whole bleep acid experience : the party is over and the city as well.

Artwork designed by Madrid Salvador Llanes based on the aesthetic of old Metal Hurlant comic books.
Mastered by Pedro Vinuela.

Artist: Madrid 79
Release: Barcelona 92
Label: Fuego en Casa
Format: Vinyl, Digital
Date: 15th September


1. Barcelona 99
2. Barcelona 95
3. Barcelona 98
4. Barcelona 96