Madrid’s Jus Kno’ Release Debut Studio Album ‘Looped Circles’

Following the release of two striking singles, Madrid’s experimental live electronic act Jus Kno’ celebrate the release of their debut studio album ‘Looped Circles’.  Exploring innovative electronic elements over the 9-cut body of work, the album represents the culmination of years of practice honing their craft. Comprised of sounds hailing across IDM, house and techno, the album transcends genres while boasting a signature sound that is quintessentially Jus Kno’.  The album is available on all streaming platforms on March 26th 2021 via independent Spanish label Faneca Music and marks a major milestone in the Madrid based act’s careers.

Watch “Looped Circles” [SINGLE] | Live Performance on YouTube

With ‘Looped Circles’ ultimate unveiling being preceded by two striking singles, the title track and “Time Will Come”, the coupling set the stage for the album’s remaining 7 unreleased tracks. Opening with a sultry, brooding five minute “Intro” peppered with breakbeat percussion, piano and bass the track paves way for “Winden” – a strong, synth-lead, high energy cut shifting basslines from 4/4 to Drum N’ Bass. “Winden” in particular is a track brimming in variety that showcases Jus Kno’s diverse skillset.

“Hole” comes in two parts, opening with eclectic arpeggio, romantic, driving and deep in nature built upon a solid house infrastructure. “Hole II” creates contrast from its compliment, featuring a lengthy build of melody and pizzicato of over three minutes, the impending relentless techno drop drives the two part “Hole” and “Hole II” series to its’ closure. “New Normal” incorporates organic instrumentals through its introduction paving way for strong synth lead – creating continuity through its duration with melodic guitar throughout, following the theme of shifting percussive styles the track features live drumming across its six and a half minute running time.

Slowing the pace just past the half way point, “A Place For Us” encapsulates an aura of melancholy and yearning; home to sultry chord progressions and slower tempos.  The final piece unreleased material, “Contact” is slow, steady and ethereal and followed by the two previously released singles “Time Will Come” and “Looped Circles” that bring Jus Kno’s first full body of work to its ultimate close.

Complimented by substantial audio-visual content, music videos, abstract visualizers and live performance footage breathe life into the album, conveying the duo’s innovative production and performance style as well as the full bodied vision for their identity.  Expect more video content to make its’ way through the pipeline in the weeks following ‘Looped Circles’ release.

Watch “Contact” | Music Video on YouTube

Watch “Time Will Come” | A/V on YouTube

First conceived in 2015, Asturianartists Alex Aller and Pablo Villanueva conjoined their aptitudes for production and visual art to create innovative and thoughtful electronic music; coining the name for their audio-visual brainchild Just Kno’. With 2020 providing ample time for reflection and insight, Jus Kno’ seized the opportunity to fine-tune their creative frequencies and produce their debut studio album. Composed in quarantine, ‘Looped Circles’ represents the culmination of years of collective experience, inspiration, and dedication to their craft. 

Independedntly, both Alex Miller and Pablo Villanueva’s works over the years have garnered the attention of international music media. Featured by the likes of BBC 1xtraDJ Mag Spain and more, their first 3 EP’s and 9 music videos set the foundation on which their album ‘Looped Circles’ is built upon.  Further enabling their creative freedoms, Faneca Music signed the act in 2019 and released their 5-track EP ‘Asymmetry‘.  Peppered with organic sounds and dark synthesizer lines, ‘Asymmetry‘ of new, experimental sounds in the upcoming album. potpourriboasts elements that are undeniably aligned with the act’s identity and will surely be used alongside a 

In the advent of the pandemic nearing its’ close, expect Jus Kno’
to take their debut album ‘Looped Circles’ 
to the stage later this year
with much to celebrate, stay tuned to the duo’s social channels below for news on upcoming content and tour dates coming soon this year.