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Magnificence & Goja “Lights” Axtone

Having been locked in the studio, Magnificence return with a new signature sound for 2019 once again moving the production needle. With ‘Lights’ they are joined by Italian producer Goja for the first chapter of Magnificence new EP ‘||’

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Magnificence: “Our main motivation with Lights was all about the perception that the music tells you and what you will visualize when you hear this record. Lights is a record that is different from anything that we ever did before. We felt that we wanted to bring an extra dimension to our sets that isn’t 126 bpm. We wanted to deliver some raw emotions with this. The key emotion for this record is to shock people with the soundscaping so that you can experience and visualize your own world within the story of the song Lights.”

Goja: “When we started to work on “Lights” I was passing through a moment of my life full of ups and downs, moments where my mind was a dust of thoughts and moments of pure silence. I tried to express the chaos that I had in my mind with a shuffly, faded sound design with just a shadow of calm”

‘Lights’ is accompanied by a fresh visual aesthetic that will be prominent throughout the EP campaign both on and offline, across the individual singles.

Recently Magnificence announced their new publishing deal with Universal Music Publishing Group. Early festival announcement for this summer includes Creamfields in the United Kingdom, Emporium Festival in the Netherlands and RFM Somnii in Portugal, with more to be announced soon.