Manchester’s Yant debuts on Hardgroove with the four-track ‘Looking For Light’ EP.

Kicking off with the tense, plucked riffs and disorientating hum of ‘Gas Supply’ before immediately contrasting with the round-edged warmth of ‘Hot Water’, ‘Looking For Light’ is an EP that doesn’t repeat itself. ‘Red Eye Jedi’, a densely percussive track with the sort of mid-range grunt and growl that leaps out of the speakers, leads the second half of the release before the laser-shot, ominous rumble of the title track is balanced with novelly progressing chords and synth pads to create a memorable closer.


Yet another artist emerging from the Manchester techno underground of late, Yant has previously cropped up on Ben Sims Symbolism and Setoac Mass’ SK_Eleven after debuting on Jay Clarke’s BLACKAXON in 2018.

Yant’s ‘Looking For Light EP’ is released on Hardgroove on August 5th.


01 Gas Supply
02 Hot Water
03 Red Eye Jedi
04 Looking For Light