Manu Dia Releases “Tuesday Morning feat. Lizzy Land”

Spanish producer Manu Dia has today unveiled a new song – Tuesday Morning feat. Lizzy Land – a luscious blend of pop-electronica and the first release from a soon-to-be-announced project.

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Tuesday Morning was written during the pandemic, during a period of perilous writers’ block and stifled creativity as a result of staying home for months on end. Manu initially found it difficult to make music during such a dark and insular time, often finding himself searching for perfection and deeper meaning in everything he wrote. But his creative process evolved dramatically as the pandemic progressed and he credits writing Tuesday Morning as a breakthrough moment, allowing him to re-examine the process in which he creates music.

Manu explains: I realized I was taking this too seriously, to a point of absurdity. I was looking for this ‘deeper’ thing in music that would make me more interesting, but in reality music doesn’t need to be meaningful in that way. It can also be about the mundane, the everyday life, what we all experience. Now looking back I realize that I was really just trying too hard, when in reality all I had to do is let go and tell myself it’s all about being real; having fun, making mistakes, exploring and trying new things. I had to embrace the boring and make it fun. ”

Embracing a more simplistic approach to making music, gravitating to emotions and melodies rather than striving for immaculate production and “deeper meaning”, Manu Dia unlocked a whole new perspective that allowed him to enter a flow state when working on songs. He ascribes Tuesday Morning as a major catalyst for the creation of his forthcoming project..

“I remember being so ecstatic about what I wrote, but mainly looking back and thinking of the moment while I was making the song. I was at my happiest, and now it’s all I chase when working on music. Don’t overthink. Creating this song was the moment I realized how good it felt to make music, to be experiencing that feeling and being self-aware of how lucky I was to be doing something I loved. ”

Manu wrote Tuesday Morning at his hometown studio in Valencia, Spain and continued to work on it while traveling around Belgium, Romania and Spain; capturing his transitory mindset and fresh new approach to making music. Access to real hardware like a Moog Sub37 and ARP Odyssey further allowed Manu to embrace the imperfections of his music. After recording the instrumental, it became clear that the song was beckoning a vocal, and so he reached out to LA singer-songwriter Lizzy Land who transformed the song from an intriguing instrumental to a bonafide record.

Lizzy had some words to share about the lyrical sentiments behind the song:

“Tuesday Morning is a nod to the feeling you get when you’re burning out fast, and coming down hard. I sang it as a friend to a friend. It’s a consolation about slowing down and being present in the moment. I think it’s important that we take our time and appreciate the ride.”

Tuesday Morning is available to stream across all platforms.

About Manu Dia
Spanish musician Manu Dia’s unique upbringing between a former ancient Kingdom in Spain and the buzzing hub that is Brussels is echoed in his music; drawing influences from the likes of Brian Eno, Daft Punk, Bon Iver and Burial. As a result of perpetual experimentation, and approaching creativity from a place of simplicity, his music tells a story through sounds. Manu’s music noticeably plays with extensive space in his mixes, building atmospheric soundscapes, and tactically introducing a wide range of unique elements. He describes his music as a blend of dancefloor-inspired euphoria and ephemeral feelings that draws inspiration from life itself. With only a handful of releases under his belt, he has worked with and garnered the support from the likes of Tokimonsta, Petit Biscuit, San Holo, and Panama among others. While Manu is still in the early stages of his career, it is evident that his music stands in a lane of its own.