Marie Minet shares her highly anticipated debut album ‘Clair Obscur’

A clear and mesmerising voice. Powerful lyrics with nostalgic touches. Deep melodies softened by Cape Verdean influences. This is what makes Marie Minet’s fusion of genres as sublime as it is innovative. In her raw, but poetic way, she tells life stories that echo her generation.

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Marie Minet’s first album Clair Obscur is produced by Jon Luz, a prodigy of world music, and tells the story of an unexpected encounter between a young French woman and a prodigious Cape Verdean musician, who has also composed for Césaria Evora. The collaboration results in the creation of a truly original and surprising album. Clair Obscur is an album of contrasts, dancing between light and shadow. It shakes up the boundaries between musical genres, bringing a new Lusafone accent to the traditional French chanson. 

A pure product of Lisbon and its vibrant musical scene, Marie Minet embodies the dream of reconversion. Leaving Paris two years ago, she is part of a pool of artists who bridge the gap between African and Portuguese culture (Ana Moura, Jon Luz, Dino d’Santiago, Mayra Andrade). 

At the same time, Marie shares the album’s lead single Reviens mon Coeur, a loving and melancholy ballad, a nostalgic ode to lost love, a cry from the heart. A passionate and captivating song, depicting a passion that the artist desperately refuses to admit accompanied by a sober black and white video in which the artist fully expresses her despair and heartbreak.