Markee Ledge ‘Equinox I’

Award winning electronic music producer Mark Ledge presents his new four-part series ‘Laws of Emotion’, to be released on each Equinox throughout the year, taking you on a musical journey through emotions and seasons.

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“I’ve always been interested in ancient civilisations and the marking of the Equinox’s happens in all human cultures and sites, this series is combining my love of humanist ethnological mystical elements and cutting-edge technology.”

First up Equinox I; Markee takes you off road on an electronic musical journey. Up Close is deep reece bass workout with the emotive vocals of Jodie Elms. Escape Velocity is a deep drum and bass roller in collaboration with Decoder, “It was great to reconnect with Decoder, together we always elevate the vibes”. Ricochet and Memories feature Susie Ledge and have a very cinematic and expansive flavour. The theme throughout the 4 tracks is growth and bloom to represent Spring Equinox.

Markee Ledge began his musical career in the mid 90’s when he played an integral part in the Bristol drum & bass scene releasing under the name Substance and as a duo Decoder & Substance gained support from some of the scene’s greats such as Fabio & Grooverider. Markee & Decoder sought to branch out from the dnb spectrum and received incredible success under the name Kosheen, most notably with ‘Hide U‘ a track that still regularly receives radio and international club support.

In recent years, he has taken to releasing incredible 140bpm music on labels such as Tempa, Artikal Music UK, Uprise Audio and a return to Vocal Drum and Bass, HisNew Series entitled Laws of Emotion, will drop in March2023. Now his productions and Drum and Bass DJ sets are still on the cutting edge of UK Bass music.