Markee Ledge releases “Laws of Emotion: Equinox III”

Introducing “Laws of Emotion: Equinox III” – A Captivating Blend of Deep Drum and Bass. Markee Ledge has long been a prominent figure in the drum and bass scene, consistently pushing boundaries, and is set to mesmerise listeners once again. “Laws of Emotion: Equinox III” showcases Markee’s deep sound and his exceptional talent as both producer and a storyteller, and is the third part of the EP series. 

Markee Ledge, a true pioneer in the Bristol drum and bass scene, has significantly contributed to the city’s musical landscape. With his visionary approach, he founded the legendary club night “Ruffneck Ting,” which became a cornerstone of the local drum and bass community, showcasing cutting-edge talent and pushing the boundaries of the genre. Not stopping there, Markee Ledge also established the Breakbeat Culture label, nurturing and promoting emerging artists and pushing the sound forward including DJ FreshD*Minds early releases. Additionally, as the core writer and producer of the internationally acclaimed live act Kosheen he further cemented his influence in the industry. Markee Ledge’s dedication to quality music, unwavering passion, and innovative spirit have left an indelible mark on Bristol’s drum and bass scene, shaping its vibrant culture and inspiring countless artists and music enthusiasts.

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