Marmion – Schoneberg 30th anniversary

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Marmion’s seminal classic Schöneberg, Superstition Records are releasing a new 21-track collection of  the best remixes over the last three decades, including two brand new  versions from DJ T. and Chris Zippel

If there were to be a compilation celebrating the golden era of Euro pean techno, Schöneberg would arguably be the opening track. The  most famous cut that came out of Mijk van Dijk and Marcos López’s  project Marmion, Schöneberg is perhaps the purest form of what the  clubs and raves of Berlin sounded like in the early 90s, and stands as  one of the most revered and fondly remembered tracks of all time. 

Mijk van Djik and Marcos Lopez formed Marmion after meeting while  studying at the FU Berlin, and began DJing together at clubs across  the city. It was from their sets that the seed for Schöneberg was sown,  as they tried to find a balance between the techno and trance sounds  that dominated the clubs. It was an era ripe for experimentation, and  for cross-pollination between genres, as van Djik recalls: “Coldcut was  doing pop, Kevin Saunderson was playing up and down all the floors,  everything fit. I didn’t feel like I had to limit myself or focus on one  style”. 

Van Dijk and López first worked together on the remix of van Dijk’s  High On Hope, which proved to be the beginning of a fruitful partner ship. Van Dijk was the producer – with releases on Low Spirit, MFS and  Bash – while López was more focussed on DJing. Their first official  collaboration was T-Dancer, a tribute to the Sunday tea dance at the  Metropol on Nollendorfplatz. “Whoever survived the Whale would hit  it again there around 7 p.m. on Sunday. Frankie Goes To Hollywood  would have enjoyed this hedonism” López recalls.  

Schöneberg was recorded in a single session, and though they retur ned to it several times afterwards, they never felt they improved on that  first creative burst. Released as part of the Berlin E.P. back in 1993, it  was heavily championed by influential figures like Tony De Vit and be came of the defining anthems of the 90s. “It always went like this: I sat  at the Atari, Marcos screwed on the machines,” says van Dijk. And this was the process that led to Schöneberg. “I had little to no idea about  the technical side of things, but just a feeling for what I wanted. And  Mijk was able to do it exactly,” adds López.  

Over the years Schöneberg has been remixed a huge number of times,  by a wide range of artists. Now, to celebrate 30 years since its original  release, Superstition have collected the best of the remixes – from  artists like DJ Hell, John Acquaviva, Der Dritte Raum, Tim Engelhart and Donnacha Costello – presented here with two brand new remixes  from DJ T. and Chris Zippel, both of whom do a sterling job of putting  their own unique spin one this stone-cold classic.  

Superstition Records 


01. Schöneberg02. Schöneberg (Marmion Remix) 

03. Schöneberg (DJ Kid Paul Remix) 

04. Schöneberg (Man With No Name Remix) 

05. Schöneberg (John Acquaviva Remix) 

06. Schöneberg (Moon Men Over Marmion Remix) 

07. Schöneberg (Thomas Schumacher’s Rumpshakers Galore Mix) 08. Schöneberg (Technasia Remix) 

09. Schöneberg (Yves Deruyter Remix) 

10. Schöneberg (DJ Hell Remix) 

11. Schöneberg (Abe Duque Remix) 

12. Schöneberg (Donnacha Costello Remix) 

13. Schöneberg (Roberto Rodriguez Piano Edit) 

14. Schöneberg (Sebastian Krieg & Strobe Remix) 

15. Schöneberg (Chaim Remix) 

16. Schöneberg (Roberto Rodriguez Suvilahti Remix) 

17. Schöneberg (2raumwohnung Remix) 

18. Schöneberg (Der Dritte Raum Remix) 

19. Schöneberg (Tim Engelhardt Remix) 

20. Schöneberg (DJ T. From Mitte To Schöneberg Remix) 21. Schöneberg (Chris Zippel Remix)