Marshall Vincent shares intimate music video for ‘Radio Silence’

Alt-R&B singer, songwriter, and producer Marshall Vincent presents the video for ‘Radio Silence’, the latest single from his new EP In No Particular Order, a collection of five tracks out 15th October on SA Recordings.

Inspired by his time spent living in Berlin, New York, and Chicago, Marshall weaves together a soulful blend of orchestral, electronic, pop, and folk elements to tell stories of life and love in vivid colour. Songs that are a mix of heartfelt ballads, haunting basslines, and dramatic strings draw a strong line to the alternative RnB of a Moses Sumney, and the folky inspired songs of Kate Bush.


Following a series of EPs that have garnered him critical praise – as well as landing him a support set for Kelsey Lu – In No Particular Order draws upon a multidisciplinary background spanning orchestral and theatrical training to explore the idea of ‘provocative healing’ – the use of pain, conflict, and emotional turmoil to create love, honesty, and intimacy.

Employing this proactive approach to emotional growth, Marshall’s songs are concerned not only with the nuances of love and emotion, but also with deeper identity issues such as race and sexuality, harvesting a deep, radical sensitivity to find power in pain.   Sonically, Marshall’s music can be defined as intimate R&B, but there are threads of classical, folk, and electronic present, and all woven together with the aim of honest, universal storytelling. More important than genre is the pursuit of clarity and meaning, and as such, the references found within Marshall’s work are abundant.

‘’I have always been quite sensitive, since I was a child. I also experienced hardships that made me closed off, cold, and detached. I had to learn to face my pain. This fight manifested itself into creation. The ability and need to create my own world helped me see myself in others. In a way, it feels no different than the creation of a universe… my mania, my intensity, and my stress go into themselves, and they explode in these moments… sonic textures, movements, visual cues… all acting as tools to put me back together.’’

Following the first single ‘If I Was Your Lover’, Marshall shares new single and video ‘Radio Silence’

‘Radio Silence is a very dear song to my heart. The title, like most for me, is self-explanatory. It was written around the same moment as “If I Was Your Lover”, and captured a time where I was absolutely over being broken. Every moment had a bit of gloom. My initial version was aggressive, with heavy drums and sharp snaps… but it is one of these things where the piece didn’t work because I led with anger. I completely reapproached the production after this, also taking a note from “Starship” by Michael Henderson, one of my favorite love songs. I wanted to ask myself, “How am I dealing with this situation I can’t fix? Was it love or was it pride?” The song stays in this space for me.’

Honing in on a learned and passionate affinity for songwriting and performance, In No Particular Order presents Marshall Vincent in full control of his narrative, fusing disparate references into one cohesive vision for what is sure to be one of the years’ most affecting releases.

artist Marshall Vincent
title In No Particular Order
label SA Recordings
date 15th October
format Limited edition 12’’ / digital
cat. # SA039
Pre-order here

Tracklist01. If I Was Your Lover
02. Saving Face
03. Radio Silence ( watch video )
04. Bella Noche
05. Blue