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Martin Kohlstedt announces new single ‘OHM’

Following on from the release of singles ‘MOD’ and ‘VIM’, German producer and composer, Martin Kohlstedt is back with the release of third single ‘OHM’ from upcoming album ‘Feld’, out on the 31st of March 2023 . The album promises listeners an immersive and captivating journey – the title itself ‘Feld’ translates from German as ‘field’, hinting at sonic expanse and richly-textured soundscapes, which Kohlstedt has already proven himself adept at architecting on previous albums, ‘Tag’, ‘Nacht’, ‘Strome’ and ‘Flur’.

On the newly-released ‘OHM’, Kohlstedt guides listeners through an intriguing paradox, commencing with an atmosphere of destruction and chaos manifested via unnerving dystopian drone sounds and metallic clanks. The air is then cleared and invigorating space for the new to emerge is offered. A cathartic atmosphere ensues as we experience how from the remnants of a daunting and disordered heap, new and delicate structures are allowed to grow, demonstrating the beauty to be discovered in these inevitable sequences. Kohsltedt embraces these moments and abandons himself to the clarity of composition within his modules and pieces. He further demonstrates his sense of musical intuition, unafraid to let the unforeseen occur and offering a unique atmosphere which entails an exquisite fragility. 

This enthralling drama conveyed through his tracks is unsurprising given Martin Kohlstedt’s experience of seeing his music featured in films like Balaur (Octav Chelaru, 2021) and Grace (Konstantin Egerndorfer, 2020), alongside other visual mediums on various high-profile advertising campaigns. He is well-versed in connecting music and visuals and skillfully creates mesmerising experiences. During his celebrated career, Martin Kohsteldt has also collaborated with renowned institutions and artists including the Leipzig Gewandhaus choir, Douglas Dare, Sudan Archives, Henrik Schwarz amongst others, and labels such as Warner Classics, through which he has enhanced his own artistry.