Miguel Gil Tertre announces LP Fuego Futuro with first single reflecting on future’s different outcomes depending on our own choices

Fuego en casa is an electronic label based in Brussels (Belgium), devoted to electronic music, sound design and a/v shows.

‘Camino’ is the first single of Miguel Gil Tertre’s forthcoming LP Fuego Futuro.

‘Camino’ is a synth-arpeggiated track whose sound is reminiscent of synth classic sci-fi soundtracks. It is a path and a destination. Its carefully designed sound evolves during the whole journey. It has been mastered by Rafael Anton Irisarri at Blackknoll mastering.

The artwork has been developed with Berlin based artist Geso.

‘Camino’ means path/road in Spanish. This is a record about the future and how different outcomes are possible depending on our choices. The future might get better or not. Nothing is written.

Hercules at the crossroads, also known as the Choice of Hercules and the Judgement of Hercules, is an ancient Greek parable. As the hero contemplates his future, he is visited by the female personifications of Vice and Virtue. They offer him a choice between a pleasant and easy life or a severe but glorious life, and present their respective arguments.

More singles in 2021 will lead to the album in 2022.

artist Miguel Gil Tertre
title Camino
label Fuego en Casa
date 12th October
format Digital 
CAT: FEC_005