Mike Dunn – Rock Ya Body (Deepa)

An artist who needs no introduction, Mike Dunn returns to the legendary NYC label Nu Groove with three originals that bring together disparate influences from the master’s encyclopaedic knowledge of genre and style. What results are productions that are at once timeless, a quality that can only be achieved through the lived experiences of a four-decade career. The title track ‘Rock Ya Body (Deepa)’ is an effortlessly cool deliverance of pure, unadulterated house, with a pounding four-on-the-floor kick. ‘Let’cha Love Fall Down (On Me)’ swells and flows with addictive ease, while ‘U Gotta Do It To Tha Muzik’ unapologetically puts synth goodness at the forefront. Elevating all three compositions are the producer’s signature vocals, immediately arresting and suitable for all genres. Dunn’s status as an innovator was earned through creating and influencing the scenes we know and love today, and this new delivery of originals further cements his status as a 100%% house master.