Mikey Lion Delivers Fun, Sultry Energy on New Single, “I Like To Go Out”

As the music industry inches closer to the holidays and New Years, Mikey Lion and his colorful Desert Hearts outfit plan to keep the festivities going. Next Friday, November 19th, Mikey Lion unveils his latest single, “I Like To Go Out,” an exhilarating party tune tributed towards the club scene and the community’s ability to reunite.


Quote from Mikey Lion: 

I Like To Go Out” is my ode to the party scene. I think we all took going out to parties for granted until the pandemic took them away from us. During the lockdowns, it became apparent just how much this music, lifestyle, and community means to all of us. I never feel as good as when I’m on the dance floor with my people, so I wanted to make this track feel as good as possible. I’ll never take going out for granted again.”

“I Like To Go Out” opens with a knocking cowbell and upstart kick. 30 seconds in, the listener is greeted with warm synthes, which ready the way for more elements that invite you to dance your way through the soundscape. As the vocals are first introduced, as is an invigorating bassline. This gives the track a driving energy, one that feels reminiscent of the vibe felt on the dancefloor. 

In June 2021, Mikey Lion dropped a glistening 9-track LP, For the Love; the 100th release on Desert Hearts. Speaking to Forbes, Lion said of the LP: I named the album For The Love to pay homage to this mission that has given me everything in life today…The main goal in my life right now is to figure out how I can become the most effective healer with my music and the energy I’m putting out into the world.” The album was likewise supported by outlets such as SF Weekly, DJ MAG, and Sirius XM, with Billboard describing the LP as one that “fully embraces the Desert Hearts commitment to house and techno, with the album shifting between squelchy heaters to shimmering piano-laden progressive house to the lushly experimental.” Last month, Lion released his latest single, “This Is The Beat,” which reignited his focus for positive, healing energy through music. 

Mikey and the Desert Hearts crew have been back at it since US clubland reopened. They return to IRL following a huge string of community building on Twitch where they garnered more than 129k followers on their channel throughout the pandemic, continuing to find ways to build community when the scene needed it most. 

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