Mild Minds releases 5-Track EP ‘IT WON’T DO’ via Foreign Family Collective

A proper capstone to a recent string of releases, the EP foreshadows a new era of music from Mild Minds released via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective.

Grammy-nominated artist Mild Minds has unveiled a full 5-track EP, tying a common thread between new music from 2022 and previously released singles.  Released via ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective on September 21st, 2022, the ‘IT WON’T DO’ EP signifies the end of one chapter for Mild Minds as he prepares a new era of music in the time ahead. 


The latest track and namesake of the EP “IT WON’T DO” is an upbeat, fervent track that injects a dose of energy into Mild Mind’s diverse sound palette that can span the spectrum of downtempo, ambient, electronica, and melancholy electronic. The uplifting new addition to his catalog is peppered with high energy arpeggios and dancefloor ready percussion.

Second on the EP, “DEVOTION” incorporates organic instrumentals across a bright, yet brooding atmospheric undertone, dynamic synthwork is the foundation of the expertly harmonized track.  Boasting shimmering vocal highlights across its duration, “DEVOTION” delivers a reflective, multifaceted exemplification of Mild Minds’ production proficiencies.

Juxtaposing fluttering synth melodies with fleeting vocals, “MACHINE” is an electronic creation brimming with human emotion.  Staying true to the track title, “HAUNTED” is a soul-stirring soundscape that sees Mild Minds tap into his trademark blend of driving synths and captivating vocals. Closing out the 5-track EP, “NO SKIN” is a collaboration with acclaimed British electronic producer Frameworks. The track embodies a spirit of forward motion, fusing cinematic synths and simmering drum samples, it layers his striking falsetto over organic production.

The ‘IT WON’T DO’ EP is a capstone of Mild Mind’s works since the release of his 2020 album, MOOD. Drawing comparisons to the likes of BonoboMaribou StateCaribou and Four TetMild Minds is the brainchild of Benjamin David. The Grammy-nominated vocalist and producer assembles electronic music agnostic of genre, striking a delicate balance between dancefloor-ready and downtempo moods. Defining his music as an exploration between the intersection of humanity and technology, his music draws inspiration from human movement, patterns, and artificial intelligence. 

David introduced the Mild Minds project with his “SWIM” EP, seeing him swiftly signed to ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective label. He has toured with everyone from Tycho, Bob Moses, and Big Wild, played Red Rocks Amphitheater last year, as well as a host of other shows including Life Is Beautiful, CRSSD, and Splash House festivals.

Dynamically demonstrating diversity across his signature sound, innovation is an innate aptitude boasted by the Mild Minds project, the ‘IT WON’T DO’ EP sets the stage for a new venture for the burgeoning artist in the time ahead.

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