Misha Fair is making a bold impression with her classic country vocals and expressive lyrics. Her exploration into country music has unleashed her own sound which reflects on emotive lyrics, a thrilling and boot-stomping sound, and complex structures that ultimately showcase her outstanding musical talents.

She returns with her brand-new single ‘Beg’. The alternative country, Americana, and southern rock track infuses bluegrass, rawness, and empowering vibes to it. Depicting the story of the songstress reflecting and yearning to feel valued in the personal and professional spaces she was occupying, it’s another marvelous offering from Misha Fair.

Misha Fair worked with producer Malik Brown on ‘Beg’. He borrowed her Recording King and Yamaha guitars to create the swampy and electrifying sounds that are heard throughout the track. ‘Beg’ was mixed and mastered by Grammy Winning Engineer, Brendon Dekora, known for his work with bands like Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Steven Wilson, Billy Idol, and Danzig.

Featuring instruments of the electric guitar, acoustic guitar, drums, and piano, ‘Beg’ is another excellent addition to the songstress’ music catalog. The melodic progressions, chord structures, and powerful lyrics sung by Misha Fair embody the defining empowerment she tries to display on this record. Overall, the exquisite musical flavouring further cements her place in the music industry.

Misha Fair comments on ‘Beg’, “’This body ain’t no truckstop to service you till break of day. This soul-tie ain’t like fast food…you can’t have it all your way,’ When I wrote this line, I was thinking about how sometimes people can get used to a person giving all of themselves so freely that they begin to expect the response will always be “yes”. Receiving “no” seems to erase all the previous yeses. This may happen in matters of the heart, finances, intimacy, and more. Being someone who has experienced codependency in relationships, I wanted to write the words I would have said sooner had I felt empowered to do so, ‘This body…(mind, heart, and all its components) belongs to me and is mine to control.’”

For audiences who haven’t known the musical artist by now, they are already missing out. She is a force to be reckoned with. Be sure to subscribe to all of Misha Fair’s social media and streaming services to keep up-to-date with the singer-songwriter.

‘Beg’ is available on all streaming platforms.

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