Model Man announces eponymous debut album,alongside new single & video ‘Don’t Cry’ featuring Hamzaa

UK electronic talent Model Man have announced details of their eponymous debut album, also unveiling new single ‘Don’t Cry’ featuring East London artist Hamzaa, out today. 

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The Model Man LP will be released on 29th October. It’s a vulnerable body of work exploring two sides of Brandon’s world; on one hand his traditional Mormon upbringing with classical undertones, and on the other his awe-inspiring discovery of rave culture and electronic music. The name itself refers to the pressures of upholding the image of the Mormon definition of a “model man”. Brandon explores an alternative definition for the term that highlights inclusivity amongst men from different backgrounds, and breaking away from unrealistic ideologies. At the heart of the project is the idea of standing in your truth, and embracing the multiple facets of masculinity.

Talking about his purpose for the Model Man LP, Brandon explains, “on my debut album I’ve wanted to create a world of euphoria and nostalgia – echoes of nights out, fragments of people you’ve been with, memories and a longingness for both the past and the present.” 

The album announcement is accompanied by the release of new single ‘Don’t Cry’. A moving exercise in the space between rave nostalgia and emotive composition. The track is a life-affirming melange of enchanting piano chords, pensive melodies and Hamzaa’s soulful vocals. Speaking on the single, Hamzaa says, “This song is a banger, straight vibes. Model Man took the lead and I followed, it came together so easily.”

Brandon adds, “the melodic idea for Don’t Cry came from a fear of flying – I was really scared of the turbulence – so started singing that ‘hey hey don’t cry…’ melody but at that stage without lyrics.”  

Speaking about the collaboration with Hamzaa, he continues, “Hamzaa is one of the most energised personalities I’ve worked with – she brought her amazing vocal power to the Don’t Cry and I hope we get to work together in the future again.” 

Alongside the single is a thought-provoking visual directed by Theo Watkins with additional work from cinematographer Jamie Harding – collectively they have worked on visuals for IdlesSquid and Arlo Parks in the past. The video follows a protagonist going through daily routines, eyes-shut and lost inside his own existence. As the piece builds, we see flashes of contrasted gesticulation that hint at the crescendo as his eyes finally open and he comes alive.

Director Theo Watkins shares his vision for the ‘Don’t Cry’ video: “With this video, we wanted to explore a feeling of melancholy and ennui through a character carrying out his daily routine, with the dance elements representing his authentic self bursting through and transcending the drudgery of everyday life. As with us all, our true expressive selves are often doomed to hide just beneath the surface.” 

Pairing vulnerable lyrics with a breathtaking voice, Hamzaa is an artist whose music showcases maturity beyond her years. As the London singer-songwriter says: “The most beautiful thing about humans is that we can speak; that we can say how we feel and voice our opinions”

The announcement follows Model Man’s euphoric banger ‘Sweet Surrender’, an acclaimed single that has drawn support from BBC Radio 1 tastemakers Pete TongAnnie Mac and Jack Saunders amongst many others. Model Man has also announced a show at London’s Corsica Studios on 4th November

At the core of Model Man is MarkBrandon, who has been making waves with some of dance music’s biggest players. Fusing ambient electronics with elements of bass culture, Brandon’s creative stance pits the physical against the cerebral, often with striking results. Amassing 25 million streams, Model Man were an Apple Music Track of the Year and streamed a live show for Amazon Music. Garnering regular support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, 6Music, Complex, Mixmag, Defected, whilst earning props from 2021’s defining artist tastemakers TSHA, Cinthie, Prospa and Mall Grab amongst others. 

Another stunning single, Model Man is poised to release one of the albums of the year.