Moli shares Compact Disk Dummies’ remix of “Disconnected”

After the release of her critically-acclaimed mini album Préface, the Berlin-based singer Moli is now sharing Compact Disk Dummies’ remix of her hit “Disconnected” as part of her Préface Remix-EP.


Compact Disk Dummies are a Belgian electro punk band who admire Moli’s pop-sound and call it something they’d like to achieve themselves as well. The duo completely deconstructed Moli’s “Disconnected” and took a different, more unconventional route with this remix. They said: “Working on it during the pandemic, we envisioned a sprawling nightclub and made this bassline that sounded like a filthy spring. We chose “Disconnected” partly because we were struck by the combination of English and French singing that works really well. This made it extra fun to work on -and deconstruct!- the song. “

The remix is featured on Moli’s Remix EP, whose tracks are taken from Moli’s mini-album released earlier this year. Préface is Moli’s musical journey so far. Having worked with a diverse pool of writers and producers has inspired the Belgian-born singer and helped her to define and understand her creative vision. One of those collaborators is the American producer, Chris Zane, who Moli met a couple of years ago and has worked with ever since. 

Préface, which was released earlier this year on 26th March, is an already catchy and groovy collection of songs that carry a thoughtful message, often based on Moli’s personal experiences. The singer sees writing as a way of dealing with both good and bad experiences, which is why her lyrics are in both English and French. The young singer grew up in Belgium in a bilingual household speaking English and French. 

The remixes reflect Moli’s international background, with all four remixes having been done by Belgian and French producers. The collection of remixes give Moli’s powerful pop-songs a hint of summery beach party fused with club-feelings.

The track is released today, 26th November, via Embassy of Music. The EP will be released early December.