Moroccan rising star Don Afric releases luscious Arabic hip-hop single ‘On Fire’

Don Afric is a Moroccan rapper and songwriter who has seen a catapult of success since the beginning of his journey as an artist. Amassing over one hundred thousands listeners per on Spotify, Don combines rapping with his Moroccan and Arabic heritage, to make a hip-hop sound that holds spirituality and hope all at the same time. This mesmerising brand of music has seen Don Afric build a substantial audience, and he is beginning 2023 with his best and most sonically honest material to date.

‘On Fire’ is everything that has made Don so popular but with an extra incentive. Heavily influenced by Drake in his lyricism and rapping, he possesses an individual vocal that can switch so seamlessly from rapping to singing, with the latter being delicate, floaty tonality that lends itself to his Arabic roots. The sophisticated hip-hop beats are true in ‘On Fire’ but this time Don Afric has really instilled the Moroccan in him with the instrumentation throughout the track.

Instruments such as the Oud, Derbuka, Lute and Moroccan Violin are used which gives the track a whole new dimension entirely, and it makes for a highly enjoyable, happy and energetic listening experience. Don Afric has channelled his energy into making a song that speaks true to himself, and you can hear it from the first second in ‘On Fire’. 

Don says On Fire, I want this song to be the start of my music career, it defines me and the type of music I would like to be making and spreading until the end of my career.”

It seems as if Don Afric has found himself with this release, which will truly captivate his homeland listeners and beyond. ‘On Fire’ is his most experimental exploration to date, and it’s one which will need to be heard by the many, not the few.