Premiere : Simula ‘Dogma’ LP

‘Dogma’ from Simula is the producer’s debut album, and it gives a clear sense of how the young producer has matured his sound over the span of years. Having kicked off his journey as a standout part of the underground drum & bass world, he soon earned crossover status with ‘You and I’ alongside Bru C, which stacked up over 100 million streams and enabled him to gain major tastemaker support. With daytime radio airplay, brand collaborations with the likes of Sample Genie and the worldwide tours which followed, it’s now his standalone offering ‘Dogma’ which will develop the next chapter for Simula. And it’s a dark amalgamation of the techniques and skills he’s honed since beginning his drum & bass takeover years prior to its release.

Having already set a benchmark with singles such as ‘Colourblind’ ft. Embr‘Process’ ft. Makism‘Attack Mode’, ‘Menace’‘Macabre’‘Angels’‘Obscure’, ‘Cold Shoulder’ and ‘Scarab’, the LP contains a host of new exclusives which exemplifies the continuation of Simula’s artistry. The winding, guttural sonics of ‘Basilisk’, stomping riddims of ‘Gutter’, twisted note patterns of ‘Running Out’ and ‘Tension’ with its gripping atmospherics remain as pivotal parts of Simula’s evolving story, all fresh deliveries as part of the ‘Dogma’ collection. Already finding their place within Simula’s set lists from New Zealand to throughout Europe, with the producer testing these records to crowds across continents, they’ve done untold damage in several major settings. Due to be released prior to festival season too, the latter part of 2023 is sure to be gripped by Simula’s debut LP.

With album showcases and parties slated for LondonBristol and BrightonSimula is about to show his influence within one of the biggest global exporters for dance music. Inching closer to the release of ‘Dogma’, this year sees Simula mature alongside the music he’s releasing this year and his forthcoming body of work demonstrates the success in this process.

Simula, ‘Dogma‘ LP 21st April.






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