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Most Searched for Music Genres in The US


British music streaming service Mixcloud has revealed the “most searched for” music genres in the United States during 2017, collecting the data from searches conducted on the Mixcloud platform. Identifying the dominant genres by individual state in a music map that denotes the given state’s preeminently searched genre, the findings account for more than ten different genres, ranging from tropical house—favored only by Hawaii—to classic rock.

hip hop, deep house, and bass emerged as the top three genres most frequently sought in the US, with hip hop surfacing as the most prominently searched genre in a total of seven states including New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Minnesota, Virginia, and Idaho. Deep house materialized as another favorite in four states: Florida, Montana, North Dakota, and Iowa. Rounding out the leading three is bass, also championed by four states, Illinois, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and tennessee. The map of search trends indicates a diversity of listening predilections across the 50 states that extends far beyond the four mentioned above.