Møtions Releases Their Latest Powerful Track, ‘Money On Me’

Møtions Releases Their Latest Powerful Track, ‘Money On Me’

motions money on me

Founded in 2015 by Finland DJ and producers Tommi Vatanen and Tuomo Korander, Møtions is an electronic dance music group that has been growing with every release. Despite only releasing three tracks thus far with their latest being ‘Money On Me,’ each single is powerful in its’ own right.

With a fresh combination of electronic pop and urban dance music, Møtions aim  to make a mark on a bigger international audience with their newest release, ‘Money On Me.’ The single was created in collaboration with the German singer Michael Schulte, who rose to fame with his success in the Voice of Germany TV- show.

Carefully crafting each of their tracks using the blend of personal influences from each producer of Møtions, the possibilities are endless for this duo. Be sure to give them support if you like what you hear and keep on the look out, for these guys are bound to come out with another new track in the coming months!