Mr. Zim Celebrates 420 With ‘I Got So High’ on Dirtybird Records

Today, Mr. Zim releases his 420-themed song ‘I Got So High’, out now via Dirtybird Records. 

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Delivering one of the wildest, wackiest originals the label has seen, Mr. Zim doesn’t hold back on ‘I Got So High’. An eclectic mix of hypnotic drumbeats and rhythmic vocal chops, ‘I Got So High’ is an entrancing dip into psychedelic house. Amidst warped synth accents and echoing bass stabs, Mr. Zim announces, “I got so high, it’s just the way that I do,” inviting the flock to indulge this April 20th with the trippy tones and hallucinogenic vibes of his new original. ‘I Got So High’ serves as the second track from Mr. Zim, the rare Dirtybird artist who first surfaced in 2020 with ‘Plamp’. 

The release is befitting the label that has embraced the positive energy and freeing nature of cannabis culture. Last year, Dirtybird debuted their official ‘Ganja Garden’ at their flagship festival Dirtybird Campout, inviting festival-goers to experience a cannabis retail and consumption garden, along with a unique program of cannabis-focused activities. To commemorate the holiday and single release, ‘I Got So High’ arrives with limited edition T-Shirts available here

Celebrate 420 with Mr. Zim and stream ‘I Got So High’ out now. 

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