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Mursa & Crwth Team Up On Darker Than Dark Music Video For ‘Jaw Lock’

mursa crwth jaw lock

Cameron Mayo, known as Mursa, was born and raised in Arlington, Texas. His sound is best described as dark grimy bass music, always pushing the boundaries proving he is more than just an artist. Mursa can move from any genre from dubstep, trap, to hip-hop, even rock and still comes up with something unique and different. Mursa has teamed up with CRWTH to make a furiously dark and haunting bass single.

Alongside the sound the two teamed up with designers to make a true expansion of the evil seed these two have planted, via a full fledged music video. Mursa may a new face, but with support already garnered from Whipped CreamHEKLER and others alongside a flood of content from the artist. Mursa is set to kick off strong.