The future is finally here and music creation will never be the same again. As one end of the music industry focuses on making new and advanced controllers to interface with music programs, Thalmic Labs were one of the few that looked at the industry in a bigger picture: why have controllers at all?

Studio Fist

Thus, the Myo Armband is born. The Myo Armband is a gesture controlled band that fits snug on either your right or left arm. By capturing the muscle reactions in your arm when various different gestures are made, the Myo Armband acts as a universal controller, the potential of which far exceeds any physical controller:

“The Myo armband reads the electrical activity of your muscles and the motion of your arm to let you wirelessly control digital technology. Now, for the first time ever, Myo users can control their favorite music software and analog synthesizers using custom gestures and motion with Leviathan, a MIDI/OSC music controller for Myo and Mac OS X. From the festival stage to the home studio, DJs, bands, and producers now have the power to perform chords, basslines, and entire songs with a simple flick of the wrist – a true evolution in music performance.” – Thalmic Labs

While the applications of the Myo Armband are infinite, its unique interface with music production and performance software promises to disrupt and galvanize the entire industry. Pairing with the powerful software created for the Myo Armband, Leviathan, your  favorite DAW programs can now be controlled in a completely new way.

Being just out of beta, I was wary at first on how the Myo Armband would ACTUALLY work. Yes, the idea was cool, but would it work seamlessly enough to be a viable replacement to the advanced midi controllers currently on the market? Would the setup and navigation be easy enough for most artists to implement?

Yes, yes and yes. Within 10 minutes I was able to have the Myo Armband setup with Ableton and spent the next few hours exploring the endless possibilities that this new hardware presents. No lag, no crashes and easy integration make the Myo Armband a product that should have controller companies shaking in their boots.

While the control and ease of use are exciting, the real joy comes in the platform Thalmic Labs has built around the Myo Armband that allows for growth over time. Third party developers have already jumped on board to build new ways to use the Myo Armband that has resulted in a rat race to find out if there truly are any limitations to this device. Since the hardware is already in place, artists and producers will no longer need to upgrade their midi devices every 6 months to stay up to date with cutting edge technology as it will simply be in the form of a new software download on the Myo Armband Marketplace.

Say goodbye to the past and welcome to the future. You can grab your Myo Armband today and trust us when we say you will not regret it.

Get your Myo Armband HERE

Watch a preview of the Myo Armband in action with Leviathan below and make sure to pick up your band today: