Neil MacLeod takes listeners on an emotive journey through the darker side of human experience with highly anticipated new EP

Wellington based indie-electronic artist Neil MacLeod releases his highly anticipated EP ‘We Have Known Lost Days’.

Described as ‘the James Blake of Pōneke’, MacLeod’s fresh and emotive sound brings soul and electronic genres together in  ways designed to challenge audiences and disrupt preconceptions around what electronic music is. 

MacLeod shares “writing and recording ‘We Have Known Lost Days’, I’ve tried to make a record that sonically and conceptually examines the darker aspects of our human nature, bringing genres together in challenging new ways.”

We Have Known Lost Days’, takes listeners on an emotive journey through the darker side of human experience. 

Through the duality of an electronic and acoustic sound that is fragile and bombastic MacLeod creates a sonic world that is bittersweet and emotive. Expertly manipulated vocals and the heavy use of distortion add to the dramatic and unique genre blurring sound. 

MacLeod revels in moving audiences with his dark cinematic electronic music juxtaposed with intimate soul, he takes this to a whole new level with his new EP ‘We Have Known Lost Days.

artist Neil MacLeod
title  We Have Known Lost Days
label Particle
date 9th September
format Digital


1. Downwards
2. Curer
3. Openly
4. Mouthshut
5. Viscera
6. Taller Than Trees
7. Once In Love