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The long-awaited remix is out now under NevadaSYSTEM’s label, Vasa Records

NevadaSYSTEM’s “Eastern Sunrise” was one of 2022’s hottest progressive house records, pairing crisp, ethereal vocals with growling, old-school growling bass.  Now, NevadaSYSTEM teams up with Into the Ether to do the same for their long-awaited remix. 

An emotive collaboration between British DJ and producer Into the Ether (Immersed, Purified, Monstercat) and rising Canadian producer NevadaSYSTEM (Blanco y Negro, Vasa), this reimagining of 2022 breakout track ‘Eastern Sunrise’ evokes a blend of euphoric melodies and a softer yet driving bassline. The partnership between NevadaSYSTEM and Into the Ether has been a symbiotic one.  Into the Ether’s breakthrough track, “Ardour”, as well as his other original productions, caught NevadaSYSTEM’s ear, according to a recent interview.

Into the Ether’s version of “Eastern Sunrise” combines pensive synths with otherworldly vocals and atmospheric elements to conjure deep, emotion-driven melodic energy.  The original, NevadaSYSTEM’s 2022 release has quickly become a club hit, with over a million listens across streaming platforms. 

NevadaSYSTEM (Qian “Dan” Qiao) is a solo multi-instrumental, producer, and DJ who combines classical warmth and technique of piano and strings with thrumming synthesized bass and harmonic tension.  Lately, NevadaSYSTEM has remained immersed in a whirlwind of live performances across diverse festivals and events. During each performance, he’s been showcasing sneak peeks of various tracks from upcoming releases featuring like-minded artists Anjuna, Purified, Armada, and more.

Stream “Eastern Sunrise” Into the Ether remix below:

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